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Investment Focus

Business Owners/Management - Why Work With KCA

Operational Experience
KCA principals have operated businesses in a variety of industries, including aerospace, custom manufacturing, food, healthcare and media. We understand the challenges inherent in running a business and we work with management teams to improve all aspects of a company's operation. Further, we provide the resources necessary to successfully execute add-on acquisitions.

Creative Financial Solutions
KCA has the expertise and experience to structure creative transactions that meet the specific needs of founders/owners/management. KCA's transactions have been structured to solve many varieties of tax, estate, lifestyle and corporate divestiture challenges. The firm's flexible financing and operating parameters enables us to solve a wider variety of issues present in a transaction than might be solved in a more rigid private equity firm approach.

Limited Number of Investments
We seek to partner with one to three platform companies at a time and to dedicate the resources to make each a success, rather than a "portfolio approach" of investing in many companies. We invest in a small enough number of companies that allows us to personally be involved with the challenges and opportunities inherent in each company. Rather than providing high level and or infrequent guidance we serve as a knowledgeable, dedicated resource for management on an ongoing basis. Just like the management teams we partner with, we can't afford to walk away from the operating company when the going gets tough.

Long-Term Approach
KCA's investment horizon continues as long as needed versus most private equity firms that are subject to artificial investment and harvest period constraints. The decision to sell is determined by a honest analysis of a company's inflection points. If we are the right partner to take the company to the next level we hold and if the business would be better served by a new owner then we exit.
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